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Service Commitment

Service Commitment


The following warranty applies to all SIGLENT products procured through the SIGLENT approved representatives and/or distributors. Product purchased from outside the SIGLENT network will be serviced by the selling agents and not SIGLENT Technologies.

1. SIGLENT Technologies. warrants its products’ mainframe and accessories in materials and technologies within the warranty period. During the period concerned, SIGLENT guarantees the free replacement or repair of products which are approved as defective.

2. All Siglent test instruments come with a 3 year warranty on parts and labor, with the following exception - All accessories and batteries come with a one-year warranty.  In above-mentioned periods, any hardware or software errors that occur due to quality or workmanship flaws will be examined and repaired or replaced, at Siglent’s discretion, by the SIGLENT Maintenance Center or its authorized maintenance branch at no charge.

3. The warranty period starts from the date of the valid certificate of purchase (receipt or invoice). If the invoice cannot be offered, the starting date will adopt the manufacturer’s delivery date. In the event of a sale or product transfer by the original purchaser to a third party, the warranty period shall be three (3) years or one (1) year (See #2) from the date of purchase of the product by the original purchaser from SIGLENT or its authorized distributors.

4. For in warranty service, SIGLENT strives to attain fast turn-around. Normal repair time is less than 14 business days. For service that will exceed this time SIGLENT will attempt to provide loaner units to be used during the repair cycle. Final availability of loaner units will be at SIGLENT’s discretion. The transportation cost of return to customer will be paid by SIGLENT. If the special transportation is required, please make contact with the SIGLENT Maintenance Center.

5. The warranty is void if:

(1) Accidental damage occurs during transportation (please confer with insurance agency or transportation company on the compensation).

(2) Malfunction or damage is caused by misuse according to warnings in the product documentation or using or storing in an environment outside of the specification’s limits.

(3) Surface damage by manmade factors, like burn, distortion by force, etc.

(4) Repaired by anyone who is not from SIGLENT Maintenance Center or an authorized maintenance branch.

(5) Accident damage caused by using a power cord or a power adapter not approved by SIGLENT.

(6) Malfunction or damage caused by natural calamities, like earthquake, lightning strike, etc.

6. If the received products have exceeded the warranty time period or the lifetime warranty, SIGLENT will still provide the related repair and or maintenance services. However, the owners of the products are responsible for the repair and or maintenance charges, the return shipping charges and any additional costs.

7. SIGLENT assumes partial maintenance responsibility which is reasonable and operable, and refuses to accept any other responsibility for the damage caused by the customers’ wrong operation.

8. Product with fault not covered by warranty should be transported to SIGLENT Maintenance Center to have a repair, and the consignor will pay the transportation cost.

9. Please contact with SIGLENT Maintenance Center for any kind of special maintenance or service requirement.

10. No Liability & No Promise Clauses. SIGLENT will not be liable for the inevitable, indirect, or supplementary damages of the product purchasers or the third party users that are caused by its product deficiency; for example, loss of profitability, loss of sales investment, loss of business image or enterprise interactional obstacles. In addition, SIGLENT has no liability for the deficiency of other apparatus, equipment or facilities caused by the operation of its product.

The above is SIGLENT’s most complete version Warranty policy ; these clauses may displace other oral or written versions of warranty policy. Except for the above described product warranty, SIGLENT will not provide additional warranty policy other than what is described and claimed in this composition.

Warranty above applies to products sold by SIGLENT Technologies. and its authorized dealers, and any other form of warranty should e based on this. SIGLENT technology has the final power of interpretation with the maintenance affairs.



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